Testicular Cancer


Testicular cancer often presents as a lump or pain in the testicle. It is a rare condition usually affecting younger men between the ages of 15 and 45. Each year in the UK 2,000 new cases are diagnosed.

Can It Be Treated?

The outcome for testicular cancer is very good especially if caught early. This usually involves surgical removal of the affected testicle. Sometimes chemotherapy or radiotherapy may be given alongside surgery. If left untreated there is potential for the cancer to spread to other parts of the body.

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How I can help

If you have found a lump or have pain in your testicles, do not worry. Make an appointment to see me as soon as possible and I will give you a comprehensive check-up with no fuss and in complete confidence.

An ultrasound scan can very accurately diagnose this condition and tell us if the testicles are normal. The test is painless, simple and takes several minutes with results available on the same day.

Depending on the outcome of the scan, I can arrange appropriate follow-up investigations and treatment.