Mens Health Screening

Health problems affecting men can be silent and may exist for years before causing serious harm.

Identifying potential risks early offers the opportunity to make positive changes for a healthy and active life.

I recommend that my patients have an annual health check because prevention is better than cure.

My men’s health screening service offers peace of mind and comprehensive testing for common conditions.


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The Screening Service

Consultation with me and the chance to discuss your concerns.
Complete physical examination.
Comprehensive investigations, including blood tests and urinalysis.
Review the results with me on the same day.
Practical action plan and initiation of treatment if needed.

What Can I Screen For?

Testosterone deficiency and other hormonal conditions
Urinary problems
Prostate disease and cancer
Liver and kidney disease
Bladder, Testicular and Bowel cancer
Blood cell disorders and anaemias
Cardiovascular disease and cholesterol levels
Weight problems and the metabolic syndrome