Express: Cancer Superpill

This article by Dana Gloger originally appeared on, November 10, 2011

It sounds out of this world but Nasa scientists have created a pill that has been proven to improve health, make people look younger – and help them live longer.

The AmeriSciences AS10 range of vitamins and supplements, which took six years to develop, can help protect against ailments including cataracts and tumours.

Unveiled at the Royal Society of Medicine yesterday, the pills contain the most powerful combination of anti-oxidants and vitamins ever devised.

The range works by protecting against external toxins such as everyday radiation and pollution.

According to findings published in the Radiation Research Journal, the supplements can prolong life. Continue reading

Channel 4 News – Viagra Feature

Dr Duncan Gould – Channel 4 News interview on Viagra.

ITN – Viagra Feature

ITN News Feature.

The Times: Man’s Midlife Madness

This article by Celia Brayfield originally appeared in The Times on January 14, 2003

Unlike women, when some men hit 50 they fall apart spectacularly. Our correspondent charts the fall.

FOR THE FIRST TIME in a literary career of eight novels, I have written a book about men. Why? Because men, at the time of life I wanted to write about, are much more fascinating than women. Fascinating in the way that a mushroom cloud is fascinating, or an erupting volcano, or one of those films of a tower block being demolished. Continue reading

Testosterone: Are You Man Enough?

This transcript is hosted by ABC Television in Australia and dates from October 2003

This half hour documentary comes from Channel Four in the UK. It’s a fascinating look at the side effects, good and bad, of the fastest selling smart drug in America – testosterone. Testosterone is now becoming available in a tube, and people are starting to wipe it on their bodies. Users claim it makes them richer, sexier and more youthful. A lot of older men say it has given them more drive in the boardroom and the bedroom. Continue reading

ITV News – Viagra Feature

Dr Duncan Gould featured in an ITV news story regarding the introduction of Viagra into the UK.

Interview – Nicotine

Dr Duncan Gould Interviewed on the use of Nicotine to quit smoking.

BBC: Hope for ‘Male Menopause’

This article originally appeared on the BBC website Health section on March 25, 2000.

Men entering middle-age suffer physical symptoms that could be treated with similar techniques used to tackle the female menopause, it has been argued in the British Medical Journal.

A group of doctors from a private men’s health clinic say teststerone levels in men reduce from middle-age and that hormone therapies could combat the resulting symptoms.

The existence, or otherwise, of the ‘male menopause’, has long split the medical profession. Continue reading