HAM Syndrome


I first described HypoAndrogen-Metabolic syndrome (HAM) syndrome in 2006, as an association of low androgen (testosterone) levels in the blood stream and early diabetes (the Metabolic syndrome). The Metabolic syndrome usually precedes Type 2 diabetes, is very common and usually affects middle-aged overweight men. The risk of getting HAM syndrome appears to increase with advancing age.

Features of HAM syndrome can include:

  • Abdominal weight gain [middle-aged spread]
  • Abnormal cholesterol and blood fat levels
  • High blood pressure
  • Problems with blood sugar regulation
  • Low testosterone levels in the blood

Can It Be Treated?

Simple investigations including weight, waist, blood pressure measurements and blood tests for fasting glucose, lipids and testosterone levels can identify at-risk individuals. In the absence of contraindications, testosterone replacement therapy along with weight reduction, exercise and measures to normalise glucose, lipid and blood pressure can help reduce the associated risks.

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How I can help

I am a pioneering researcher in to HAM syndrome, having been the first medical practitioner to describe HAM syndrome.

My research has been published in several medical journals and I am recognised as a leader in the field, for diagnosing and treating HAM syndrome.

I can diagnose the syndrome using a simple blood test and physical examination.

Following a comprehensive consultation, we can initiate treatment. This may require regular follow-up consultations, or referrals to other specialists.