Dr Duncan Gould MBBS MFPM DPM D.Obst

Dr Duncan Gould qualified in medicine from the Royal London Hospital in the UK and spent several years in general practice and research and development before specialising in Men’s Health Medicine.

His main interests include the treatment of testosterone deficiency (the andropause) and other areas of male sexual dysfunction, such as ejaculatory disorders, erection problems and prostate and bladder disease.

Duncan has written several medical papers and articles relating to these areas of men’s health and has appeared on UK television and BBC radio on a number of occasions where he has discussed issues relating to testosterone deficiency and erectile dysfunction. He has also been involved in the research and development of new treatments for the above conditions.

He is available for consultation at the Men’s Health Centre at 101 Harley Street and appointments can be made through his secretary on + 44 (0) 1895 628 890.

The information on this site has been written br Dr Gould as a result of his many years of experience in treating men.

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