Express: Cancer Superpill

This article by Dana Gloger originally appeared on express.co.uk, November 10, 2011

It sounds out of this world but Nasa scientists have created a pill that has been proven to improve health, make people look younger – and help them live longer.

The AmeriSciences AS10 range of vitamins and supplements, which took six years to develop, can help protect against ailments including cataracts and tumours.

Unveiled at the Royal Society of Medicine yesterday, the pills contain the most powerful combination of anti-oxidants and vitamins ever devised.

The range works by protecting against external toxins such as everyday radiation and pollution.

According to findings published in the Radiation Research Journal, the supplements can prolong life.

As well as the health benefits the pills have also been shown to make people who take them look younger – within two months – by reducing age spots, sun damage, redness and wrinkles. Made using antioxidants thought to have anti-ageing properties, the formulas are 100 per cent natural and made from fruit and vegetables including superfoods acai, cupuaçu and acerola.

The pills work by protecting against external toxins such as everyday radiation and pollution.

A daily dose counts as one of the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

Nasa and the Johnson Space Centre initially made the pills for astronauts on long space flights.

The formulas were tested on the Space Shuttle and International Space Station in 2009 but have now been developed for general use and will hit UK shelves this week.

The oral solution costs £120 for a month’s supply while the multivitamin tablets are £27. The range is available through independent AmeriSciences distributors, including The Harley Medical Group in the UK.

Carlos Montesinos, the range’s director of scientific and regulatory affairs, said: “AmeriSciences’ AS10 line is just another way in which AmeriSciences is pushing the technology of the industry forward for the benefit of the consumer.

“The product line poses a significant challenge to the current supplement market.”

“Indeed, the strength of the antioxidant and multivitamin formulas have been so significant in testing that it will change the way nutritional supplementation is viewed.”

GP Dr Duncan Gould, an expert in men’s health and consultant pharmaceutical physician, said:

“I am excited by the research and results on AmeriSciences AS10. The outcomes demonstrate a prevention of the negative effects of radiation in mice by improving mortality rates. I look forward to seeing any similar data that may emerge from studies in man.”

The translation of such data into the human setting may have the potential to impact the way oncology patients are treated in future.”

Bernice Berry of The Harley Medical Group added: “Glowing skin, strong hair and nails and an energy boost are just some of the benefits seen by our patients following use of these products. Many are particularly excited about the anti-aging properties of the range.”